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Introduction to College
Zhejiang Police College is situated in Hangzhou City---a tourist city famous for its natural scenery.The campus is quiet and tastefully laid out ,blooming with flowers and plants all the year round.It is the highest learning institute of police education and training at the provincial level.The current college,founded in 1985,can date from its predecessor---Zhejiang Cadre School of Public Security,which was initiated in May,1949.The college has witnessed unceasing expansions and growths with changes of its sites.There has been continuous improvement in its management over the past five decades.It currently ranks above colleges of similar kind nationwide, enjoying high reputation. The college is equipped with sophisticated facilities:multi-function&media classrooms,a conference hall,a library with a large book collection and electric readings,reading-rooms with plentiful seats.More than 30 basic and specialized labs involving DNA Test,Scanning Electronic Mirror,Trace Detection,have been built in this college.
The college has a standard athletic field,a field for driver training,a field for police tactics training,a field for playing all kinds of balls,live&mimic pistol ranges,providing firs-class equipment in police training and cultivation....More...
An Introduction to Hangzhou
Hangzhou was settled as early as 4,700 years ago, thus giving birth to the auroral Liangzhu Civilization. One of the seven ancient capitals and the key scenic tourism and historical culture cities in China, Hangzhou once was applauded as"the most splendid and luxurious city in the world" by Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in the 13th century.
Under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou are 8 districts, 3 county-level cities and 2 counties, with a total area of 16,596 square kilometers and a total population of 6.4278 million. As a central city on the Southern wing of Yangtze Delta, Hangzhou's city proper covers an area of 3,068 square kilometers with a population of 3.932 million. ...More...
About Zhejiang
Geographical Location
Zhejiang is located in the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta on the southeast coast of China. It lies between 27o12' and 31o31' north latitude and 118o00 and 123o 00' east longitude. It faces the East China Sea on the east and neighbors Fujian on the south. With an extensive hinterland in the rear, it shares borders with Jiangxi and Anhui on the west and Shanghai, the country's largest city, and Jiangsu on the north.
Zhejiang is renowned for its picturesque landscapes. It boasts well-known mountains such as Yandang Mountain, Xuedou Mountain, Tianmu Mountain, Tiantai Mountain and Xiandu Mountain, and famous lakes such as the West Lake in Hangzhou, the East Lake in Shaoxing, the South Lake in Jiaxing, the Dongqian Lake in Ningbo and the North-South Lake in Haiyan. The Thousand-Islet Lake in Chunan County of Hangzhou is the largest man-made lake in the country....More...

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